Friday, February 6, 2009

I've found someone else . . .

It's not that I meant to. I wasn't looking. It was just an innocent email from a fraternity brother of old, mentioning that there was a "group" for our fraternity now, up on some newfangled thing called "Facebook".

I got sucked in. I just wanted to see who had signed up. But first, I had to get my own page on FB. Then, I found out that I could be "friends" with people. People I hadn't seen in years. People who were posting little snippets about their lives, their families, even photo's. (note: some of them haven't aged very gracefully!).

The next thing you know, I'm FBing like a man possessed. "How many friends do I have?" "Can I get to 100 by the weekend?" "Ooh, I remember him!" "Hey, there's that girl I went to the Homecoming Dance with my senior year in highschool. (yikes!)"

And thus it happened. I became a Facebook junky. I'm still wrestling with the balance. Oh, I still check in on my favorite blog buddies (Hey, Tim!). But it's so much easier to just finish the sentence "Chris is . . ." then to actually compose a whole essay.

I'll keep you posted. Meanwhile, I think I just became friends with the kid from down the street who laughed at my French Horn in Junior High.


TheTutor said...

Hey, you're alive!

Isn't Facebook addicting? I also was lured by the Facebook beast, but I am slowly (ever so slowly) returning to the blogosphere. I am just way too opinionated and wordy to be confined to 160 characters.

BTW, did you know that you can link your blog to your notes so that new blog posts will automatically appear in your Facebooks notes? Very cool.

Glad to have you check in. Hope you write more soon.


Timothy Power said...

Dude. If you're going to hang out with those people, then you can't be my Doppelganger anymore.

And there are plenty of reasons to laugh at French horns.


Arby said...

Dude, if I stayed the night in Chattanooga, how far was I from your house? We sped through the beautiful Georgia mountains quickly on the way to and from Orlando...