Friday, February 6, 2009

I've found someone else . . .

It's not that I meant to. I wasn't looking. It was just an innocent email from a fraternity brother of old, mentioning that there was a "group" for our fraternity now, up on some newfangled thing called "Facebook".

I got sucked in. I just wanted to see who had signed up. But first, I had to get my own page on FB. Then, I found out that I could be "friends" with people. People I hadn't seen in years. People who were posting little snippets about their lives, their families, even photo's. (note: some of them haven't aged very gracefully!).

The next thing you know, I'm FBing like a man possessed. "How many friends do I have?" "Can I get to 100 by the weekend?" "Ooh, I remember him!" "Hey, there's that girl I went to the Homecoming Dance with my senior year in highschool. (yikes!)"

And thus it happened. I became a Facebook junky. I'm still wrestling with the balance. Oh, I still check in on my favorite blog buddies (Hey, Tim!). But it's so much easier to just finish the sentence "Chris is . . ." then to actually compose a whole essay.

I'll keep you posted. Meanwhile, I think I just became friends with the kid from down the street who laughed at my French Horn in Junior High.