Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Yet another benefit . . .

of working from home AND homeschooling. I was in my office yesterday afternoon hunched over my laptop (as per usual). For once, I was NOT on a conference call. I looked up to see Dear Daughter 2 (age 5.5) standing outside the door on the deck clearly holding something in her hands. I waved her in (she very politely waited for an invitation before coming in) and she slowly opened her hands so that I could see her lizard! It was really cute; a blue-tailed lizard about 3 inches long. Actually, it was a tail-less blue-tailed lizard since our cat had already relieved him of his tail.

DD2 was so pleased with herself and couldn't wait for me to see her treasure. If I had been stuck in an office tower somewhere, or if she had been stuck in a classroom at the local elementary school, this could have never happened.

I love our lifestyle!! I am so thankful that I have the flexibility to work as I do.